MGR/Giovanni D. Martello 10/12/2006

Ibanez SR500 : MGR/Giovanni D. Martello's user review

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I picked this baby up at Guitar Center for $549 list price.

I love the 3 band active eq, the skinny neck, the low action, and the overall look of the dark mahogany finish and bubinga fretboard is breathtaking!

There really isnt anything i dont like about it. You can get so many different sounds out of the EQ that if you dont like the way something is sounding all you have to do is tweak the knobs a little bit.

Its very well put together and the matching of the wood tones between the body and fret board make it look more expensive that it really is. Its also not too heavy... ive played other Ibanez Soundgears and felt like i had a rock pinned to my shoulder, but not this one... its extremely light and comfortable, without suffering from the drooping head from the body being too light.

I love this bass! It really makes me feel like Ibanez did something great this time and for the price you cant beat it... i would really compare it to a lower level Warwick, but even lower level Warwicks sound great. If you have less than $600 to spend I cant see you making a different choice. Go to your local Music shop and test one out Im sure you will be moved like i have been.

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