LTD B-154
LTD B-154

B-154, 4-string bass guitar from LTD in the Standard B series.

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BoZo_BoZo 07/07/2006

LTD B-154 : BoZo_BoZo's user review


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This bass was made in taïwan.Elle has 24 frets and two pickups in parallel to each other, that said I find that it does not grow enough especially in the low "E" to handle vide.Le " C "is very comfortable to hold. I do not find it too heavy compared to some other Japanese and Taiwanese.


Channel "C" pleasant. the last boxes are quite difficult to atteindres.Assez slight webbing above, the balance is easy to trouver.Le sound is very good compared to this price, ease of change thanks to equalize the asset.


I play blues jazz and rock and hardcore it should, thanks to the equalizer, all these styles, I play an Ibanez SW35 and if the sympathy of the equalizer and the bass amp's sound palette is almost unlimited .


I play on the B154 ltd for 8 months, the shape is nice for my taste the handle nice, all the electronics offers many games (pick, slap, tapping). For small wallet like me, this low is perfect, as soon as I learn I could not part with it.