LTD B-154
LTD B-154

B-154, 4-string bass guitar from LTD in the Standard B series.

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basseu 06/05/2006

LTD B-154 : basseu's user review


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Good bass for micro assets that promotes Frape and therefore a good sound for slap, which have little thanks to its parametric EQ sound very clear, metlaique or (ceui I use most serious sound that takes the trip. I davi following it is a bit heavy but having said that scenes for lon is rather handy when playing the thrash metal was moving partt must be something that does not move to consiten pa too.


I use it for 2 years, the handle is very comfortable and the cargo nacroche pa sonimposante and well established, a very good range of sound, we must look a little pleased to find the profondémen his master of the bass, but a faith in head c 'is a regal! I had no problem to the CCAA in acute color makes the special bass for this form of cliché.


The sound is good! pa is the dir for my last disconnects its use ie a group of thrash metal which is needed bocou Teknique speed and the handle slides well dun bou years we still have thought to put him! lemon on the neck etc. ... lentretien what;)


Is not to say it's a very bonn bass, RAPORT quality / price is more than convaincan so if I just give you some advice: buy this one if you Largent