Rickenbacker 4003

4003, 4-string bass guitar from Rickenbacker in the 4000 series.

iamqman 03/16/2011

Rickenbacker 4003 : iamqman's user review

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What are the odds of finding a used 4003 fro around $200. Well fortunately enough I did. I had a buddy of mine selling it for that price...though it had been pretty beat. Nonetheless the neck was straight and very playable. I believe it was an early 80's model because it had a solid feel to it unlike the newer ones that I have played. The knobs are simple much like any other Ric or Gibson guitar.

The bass had a rock feel similar to a P-Bass from Fender. Not necessarily a a smooth bass but I guess you can be the judge for yourself depending on your playing technique. I found it to be very suitable for rock and pop music. This isn't going to be bass for the progressive jazz fusion bass player by any means. However, if your into straight ahead rock, metal, or pop, then this bass will fit your needs quite well.


One problem I had faced was a couple dead frets but taken to the local luthier he fixed it right up. The setup is simple like all Rickenbackers with the volumes and tone knobs. I did have stereo output but I never used it. The neck had such a great feel and comfort to it that really connected to my technique of playing. The design is unique as well. Nothing looks like a Rickenbacker, so it definitely stands out and a great piece.

It didn't take long once I got it back from the guitar doctor to find a nice sweet spot with this guitar. It seems that it is accustomed to making great tones with where ever you set the dials. To me the feel is everything when it comes to guitars and this things felt so fine and playable. I regret selling it to my bass player.


I was mostly playing rock music with this bass. I had an Ampeg bass amp that used mostly. I also used an Ashdown amp that really shook the foundations. I love the way this guitar sat in the band mix. It filled the room with fine tone and had a good communion with the drummer. It really just screams rock n roll.

Interestingly enough I think this is the only instrument Rickenbacker makes that works with rock metal. Just look at Lemmy from Motorhead. Not sure if he uses a real Ric but it is the same body style.


When the time comes again to pick up a solid bass this one will be the one I choose. I love the way it feels and sounds. I found the compliment it gave my band was a step in the right direction.

I have played all the Fender basses, Carvins, Wyn, Hanewinckel, and Gibson's and there are good ones there for certain uses. For me I love the old Rickenbacker 4003's. It is a nice solid bass that can be a player's dream. I would recommend this to any bass player.