Rickenbacker 4003

4003, 4-string bass guitar from Rickenbacker in the 4000 series.

Jaylan B. 06/21/2003

Rickenbacker 4003 : Jaylan B.'s user review


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All Rickenbacker basses are manufactured in the United States. The handle is sturdy, driver, and the key 20 is rosewood boxes. At least that indicated by the manufacturer, but in view and feel was plutt the impression that this is pao ferro.
The 4003 team of two microphones is the same, but DIFFERENT sr situs two places, 1 ct round, 1 ct bridge. The electronic is passive. Each microphone has a volume and a tone. Finally, two separate outputs are Submitted: 1 mono, 1 Stereo (Ric-O-Sound) to send the signal from the neck pickup to an amplifier and the signal from the pickup to another.


The handle is a rgal end, fast, trs accessible even in the treble. The bass is not heavy trs, trs and is balance. One small problem: the hood covering the bridge pickup is slightly teachers (many users enlvent).
The sound is typical Rickenbacker, and can not be said enough: there is only one that sounds like a Rickenbacker Rickenbacker. It's quite a load mediums, you can not erase them, except compltement dnaturer sound. So no need to look here sonsn modern hifi and crystalline, it is not the point. The sound is pais, powerful, warm.


I jou on DIFFERENT amps with this bass (Ampeg, Fender, Sunn, Marshall, etc..), And the sound is Submitted trs. I still think, however, APRS possd have a 4003 and two 4001, it is foremost a bass for the rock. Even if the bass players we saw in use in trs DIFFERENT styles, including funk and jazz, rock, in the broadest sense of the word, remains his field prdilection. For even when we must say: the spacing of the strings is not comfortable for the trs slap, and it makes the low mdiator this gives the best of itself . But there again is a personal exprience, as Geddy Lee (Rush), for example dmontre the contrary, he has long jou on Rickenbacker, and fingers.


I used this bass for a year before selling. Indeed, the sleeves of some 4003 tend to move, and the key to hlas rglage (which is not a standard cl Allen) is not available. Therefore each time sending his bass in the luthier. I prcise that sounds typical of some 4003, many users I know have had the same problem, that unlike many others have not had these dsagrments and Previous finally on my 4001 I have never seen the sleeves move. I mean NEVER.
I must say that despite all this, the sound and feel Rickenbacker starved me, and I do not exclude, at some future time, to buy one.
On occasion, APRS and have tried a Rickenbacker bass is my opinion an excellent investment. This is not a low buy in order to sell it because they do not love a big score here. It's a long time keep low, if you like it. Because there again, and even especially for Rickenbacker, or you love them or they dtest.