Squier Affinity Bronco Bass
Squier Affinity Bronco Bass

Affinity Bronco Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Bronco Bass series.

bassistecool 03/10/2005

Squier Affinity Bronco Bass : bassistecool's user review


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This bass was manufactured in t Indonsie.Elle 19 boxes and a single microphone, but good enough, I do not know the microphones dtails but the model has a fairly pchu.
Logically it has no pickup selector but it has two rglages possible, the volume and tonality like a lot of bass.
The handle is short enough, you get used to quickly and finally we note that Sufis.


The handle is quite enjoyable to play, access to acute is pretty easy.
Knowing that it has a handle a little shorter, it is easier to play on
She is not heavy, specially its shape reminds us of a mustang (ah the memories ...)
Easily obtained a good sound, even if only 2 rglages are possible, one wonders why +.
Provide very easy!


This low should do a lot of style music, reggae punk rock, or other yet it fits a lot of kind of musique.On can get a wide enough range of sound with and we often see that tonn so the sound of it.


I use it for several months (6 or 7) and I think for the price it is definitely peine.Avant to play on this bass I had tried several models but this one caught me by the quality Sound + sortait.En who with his stick shorter it is less tiring to play.
With an experience we'll propose again, I will not refuse certainly not a model like this.