Squier Affinity Bronco Bass
Squier Affinity Bronco Bass

Affinity Bronco Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Bronco Bass series.

Alcorine 10/20/2004

Squier Affinity Bronco Bass : Alcorine's user review


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Made of Indonsie
19 frets, a micro t replaced by a Bill Lawrence is a guitar with a microphone to capture the best barette each string
one volume, one Tone as the Precisions
the neck is short scale


The handle type is super enjoyable mapple, its small size makes it more convenient than the low standard
Access in acute is perfect
lgre is low (slightly heavier than any of the same guitar), his body is that of a MusicMaster
the full range of its holding in the knob of many mdium Tone, a slap in his brilliant, quite pchu to funk and reggae


With his guitar pickup could expect the worst, well no, the sound is prcis, pchu, acidic enough if we open up the Tone. For me you can play all styles, all that precision. I replaced the microphone by a type hotrail Bill Lawrence has got the momentum and augment The definition of sound. Your exact a surprisingly good Ampeg amp type. At the store, the guys had trouble believing that the sound coming out of a low-low-end with a handle shorter


I've had a week, I like most is that it is less tiring to play a low standard and that his sound palette is well suited for fans of fender
I do not like: the squier logo all black, I prfre silver logo with black as the fender, the mcaniques are terrible, I've replaced by good old Schaller Music of Man (FOR those with Fender are too wide for the small head of the Bronco)
qualitprix the report is quite surprising because in this CATEGORY (the short-scales) there is virtually no MODEL, the only one worth the candle, it's the Fender Mustang bass rdition, but it is the 950 euros instead of 300 (with modifications).