Squier Matt Freeman Precision Bass
Squier Matt Freeman Precision Bass

Matt Freeman Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Artist series.

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gigi74 08/06/2011

Squier Matt Freeman Precision Bass : gigi74's user review


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Poplar body (beautiful vintage white pick black), a superb round mapple old varnish top! (Nothing to do with the stuff of pissy SX and others)
Synthetic bone nut very well finished and perfectly positioned high on the ropes the first fret.
bridge hi-mass as the CV (golden bridges)
chrome buttons (volume and tone)
20 medium frets and well finished
2 microphones "custom" split coil squier
The bass is very well adjusted with a certificate indicating the height of each string clearly squier check by an employee. A good place for beginners and do not want to engage in settings. The action is very low with no frieze.
Under the plate nothing to report, it's clean and well insulated.


PB type handle but thin enough in mapple beautiful, old varnish is very successful, the joint body handle is beyond reproach.
The bass is light, about 3.8 kg
It was the sound of a (good) accuracy, the strings are fender, it sounds good but I would put the DR soon.
The conventional mechanical tuning takes no worries
the frets are very well adjusted, nothing exceeds the butter.


It growls very well, nice surprise on that side! the sound clips thomann site are quite faithful to the sound I get on my stack gallien 1001rb.
I considered replacing the knobs work great, the race is even, the tone can deliver very effective fine treble for a PB.
Matt Freeman is a punk bassist but PB has the full range of sounds one would expect from a PB.


three weeks of use, complete the palette of sounds of my Fender Jazzbass 5, warwick corvette in my 5. I have owned 5 other basses in the past. I play for over 20 years.
most excellent value for money, great look (I did not like the colors of the CV), great sound (if you like PB ...).
I wanted a small 4-string that sounds, I am satisfied.