Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special

Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jaguar Bass series.

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Dl71 01/07/2012

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special : Dl71's user review

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Made in Indonesia.
Basswood body.
Jaguar form.
Profile of the handle: Form C
Frets: 20
Size of Frets: Medium Jumbo
Radius key: 9.5 "(24.1 cm)
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Handle Material: Maple neck
Finishing the race: (,,) of the handle polyurethane varnish
(500506538) Polyurethane
Nut width: 1.5 "(38.1 mm)
Length of the pitch: 34 "(86.36 cm)
Configuration of microphones: S / S
Micro Bridge: Bridge pickup single coil Jazz Bass ®
Middle Pickup: Split Single-Coil Precision Bass Pickup (Middle)
Electronics: Active Bass Boost Circuit
Controls: Volume 1. (Precision Bass pickup), Volume 2. (Jazz Bass pickup), Boost, Master Tone

I put 9 and not 10 because we see the knots in the wood through the patent ... it's beautiful but I wonder if the sound and the longevity of the instrument ... if the finish is impeccable: no complaints at all, she is beautiful.


Handling very easy. I am very attentive to that. When I try an instrument, it should not be any discomfort if not, I do not. The body is long enough (to get used a bit). Weight distribution is good and it is rather slight.

I have recently and for sound, I would see maybe my opinion but for now I find that the instrument itself sounds good. In addition, the particular configuration of the electronics allows great versatility.


I can make a felted, the slap and the very big sound that stir the room and give the impression that the amp goes off: j'adoooore. That said, I currently have some difficulty to make the same sound twice but I think it's because I lack of practice on the instrument. Excellent dynamic instrument that has "good background" anyway. I put 9.


I use it since yesterday and I tried lots of instruments including MusicStore in Cologne:

Ibanez (models 200 to 400 euros): bof, not to my taste.
Fender Precision and Jazz: I'm sorry, I think it's overrated, and then I get there too.
Fame (brand MusicStore): very very blah.
sterling by musicman ray 34: very very very good! ... but at 890 euros: o (
Musicman SUB: Excellent but too typical slap for me.
Flea bass: heuu .... I found it sad ... on ampeg yet'm surprised.
I also tried other squier but bof (other than a vintage modified precision was top).

So it was posted to 259 euros, with 10% because it balances. I arrive at the checkout (one floor below) and the vendor suddenly found that I had not seen. Ultimately there is agreement for 199 euros.

The value for money is already excellent at 259 euros ... that we could buy more at this price that is not a lamentable wheelbarrow?

Then to 199 euros, is unbeatable.

Yesterday I made this choice then it would be a shame to regret today.

A less powerful slam from 800 to 2000 euros without a raised eyebrow, the choice I would do without hesitation.