Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

MGR/Ben C 03/08/2004

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass : MGR/Ben C's user review

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I had been looking for a good bass for a long time when I found that I loved the sound of a jazz bass. After playing Fenders (even the American Deluxe models) I wondered if I could ever find a jazz bass that didn't feel chunky, had a great slap tone, and didn't have dead spots all over the fretboard. I encountered this Modulus bass used at a local store and paid $1000 for it.

First off, this bass is great looking. It looks a lot like a vintage jazz bass with a cream colored body and red toroise shell pickguard. The bass isn't all old-fashioned, though. Modern features make this bass great, with the Bartolini pickups and carbon fiber neck. The Bartolinis provide a warm, detailed tone perfect for anything from fingerstyle funk to slap. When I turned the bass and amp up all the way, there was still no noise from the electronics! Although this bass is offered with active electronics, I would be afraid of taking away from the natural warmth of the pickups, which have great clarity anyway. Perhaps the most amazing part of this bass is the neck. It is very fast playing. The carbon fiber creates and incredible look, virtually no warping, incredible sustain, no buzz, and absolutely no dead spots! Lastly, the Gotoh tuners keep this bass in tune forever!

The only drawback with this bass is the difficulty of reaching the upper register. While the fingerboard is 21 frets, which is average for any bass, the body sticks out very far at the joint, causing a lot of hand strain once you get to the last few frets.

The construction of this bass is nearly flawless. Each fret is set beautifully. The neck, held on by 4 large bolts, is joined snugly onto the body. The only construction problem I have encountered with this bass is that one of the strap buttons comes loose every once in a while, which I'm sure can easily be fixed.

This bass is great for anyone who likes jazz basses but doesn't want to put up with the buzz, chunky feel, and mediocre sound of a Fender. If you've ever wished you could find a jazz bass with an unbelievable Bartolini tone, great playability, and no fret buzz or dead spots, this is your bass!

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