Stagg BC300
Stagg BC300

BC300, 4-string bass guitar from Stagg in the BC300 series.

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R2b2g51 09/04/2011

Stagg BC300 : R2b2g51's user review

«  China has changed! »

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sleeve type master classic
Chinese manufacture which is no longer a pejorative term, let's be honest
145 euros !!!!!


the handle is good to excellent, it may happen that we should play with trussrod and that it corrects the radius


Do not expect wonders, I put BMG


Unbeatable value for money, to advise on electronics for customization; regarding wood nothing to say, Stagg hides nothing; other brands "prestigious" does not show:
Fender, Ibanez, and even with these sleeves Stratobond Martin ....
As subcontractors we were treated in Mexico (mostly Fender) and Korea, Indonesia and China today .... tomorrow it will be India or Brazil
Ds since the specifications are met ....