Stagg BC300
Stagg BC300

BC300, 4-string bass guitar from Stagg in the BC300 series.

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MGR/Sarry 04/01/2004

Stagg BC300 : MGR/Sarry's user review

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This is my first bass. It's shop-bought for around £200, thats with an amp and leads etc included.

I think this is a perfect bass for beginners and especially girls, as the neck is nice and thin, and the frets are smaller than on the average bass.
I've found it much easier to play than a P-bass.

The only thing I don't like is the fact that I can't find an allen key small enough to raise the action.

It's made realy well (in taiwan), and it can take loads of knocking. I'm constantly hitting against walls and stuff, and so far there's no dents.

I'm really glad I chose the bass, as it's the perfect size for my little hands. I would recommend it to other small-handed people.
Also, I got it in black, and it looks awesome!

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