Stagg BC300
Stagg BC300

BC300, 4-string bass guitar from Stagg in the BC300 series.

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MGR/Luke 07/15/2004

Stagg BC300 : MGR/Luke's user review

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I purchased the stagg bass from an ebay auction for £87 for a beginning bass.

The four strings are well spaced and is very simple to use for a beginner. As I started with a plectrum the bass was ideal - it was quite aggressive and easy to play with a pick. It looks pretty good and the colour (purple) was really suited.

As it is a cheap begginer bass it lacks a lot of tone and has a lot of fuzzing on the first two frets of each string and from the 8th fret to the 13th frets on each string.
The layout of the pickouts also was annoying. The neck was not very well built as it get getting out of shape and reverting to bad fuzzing.

Cheaply manufactured, but still looks pretty good. Good for a beginner, but someone with experience it is a bit tacky and cheap. The input jack went within a month! Two strings stretched in 5 months!

In summary I find the stagg BC300 to a brilliant bass for the beginner who wants to get to grips with bass playing - I wouldn't have purchased a different on to start with. However, if you have already got a bass or guitar go for something more expensive and better built.

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