Stanbury Precision Bass
Stanbury Precision Bass

Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Stanbury.

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grillman 07/25/2006

Stanbury Precision Bass : grillman's user review


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Uh basically an imitation of old precision bass.

21 frets, G handle (you not know eh, well at least not most is a default with a C ^ ^)

knob one volume, one Tone (which always turned into space for me)


The handle is a tree (without Chardes when even though ...?) And it is also an abrasive grattounette, Access in acute is small but has all fawn not ring.

aprsrglage strings of the action are 1cm of the shaft is bent. Finally, you may not have much screw it in all directions.

it is heavy and massive for nothing, it feels against the plate.

in fact we get no good sound.


Uh microphones have no guts, no grain, this bass is playing the cranberries zombie, and then something else happens. In the limit for the punk yeah but do not try slapper out of respect for your ears.


I used trs long ago during my first 6 months.

I started the bass on it, I had been leading and since I lends people that start low, it has used it, discovering how to say we want to continue on something else. Despite everything I keep it out of nostalgia and I like it (like the old stuff all you want to throw ugly c'tait Paske at grandpa ^ ^).
Another time I test has a top note reminds me how much I love my jazz bass.

I had tried any before acqurir MODEL, I put it in their hands, saying "it's your chance to dernire be a rock star" so I l 'I keep in my hands.

ben report quality price good for me silent (it gives me) but I do not know how much it can cost no more than 70 euros j'espre.

if you start and you find a base to sell you a coyote, rflchissez twice, otherwise this bass is a perfect guinea pig (rglages attempts, hacks microphones, installation of boost, NYARKK, NYARKKK )