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Vincent Duchmoll 08/25/2005

Tobias Killer B 4 : Vincent Duchmoll's user review


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United States manufacturing
24 frets, 2 Bartolini countrv, active electronic switch
Rglages: gnral volume, balance microphones, bass, mdiums, acute
Channel asymtrique "bolt-on" in 5 pices maple / purpleheart affects pao ferro
Lacewood body


The handle is a marvel asymtrique end at ground level and at the mid pais.
Easy Access in acute, given the shape of the body.
IDAL weight, balance and well trslgre
The liability is in his dj sublime, active, add or enlve s o you will, for a wide range trs trs.


Fits all styles of music because the sound palette is vast trs
I play no effect on an Ampeg prampli SVT2P, power amp and cabinet Hartke 4X5.
It's just monstrous. Of the attack, sustain, finesse. spectrum thundering.


I use it for 18 months and am not prt of it except for a 5 string identical.
I was looking for a low lgre and versatile.
Trs purchase a good price, but still pretty expensive new and trs rare in France.