Vigier Arpege Vintage Carbone
Vigier Arpege Vintage Carbone

Arpege Vintage Carbone, 4-string bass guitar from Vigier.

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johnwoosh 08/15/2007

Vigier Arpege Vintage Carbone : johnwoosh's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Low manufacturing Franaise.
Channel semiconducting carbon, 24 frets.
Vigier easel.
Benedetti simple two microphones and electronic active bobinnage Vigier. Potentiomtres four with two push-pull volume for each microphone. Slecteur acute, mdium, bass.


The handle is very ergonomic trs is a vritable highway!
The body makes dcoupe Access in acute. All techniques are possible without low problem!
The radius of the shaft is thin enough (which is trs enjoyable for those with small hands!).
Finally with a handle made of carbon, there is no problem tuning, or hygromtrie.


This bass is available in many styles of music.
Trs is enjoyable to play, just plug it in and even without correcting it sounds beautifully!
The electronic active allows a great range of sounds. However, if you do DSIR reggae, it will add frquences bass amp.


I use it for a year, and I think it's a versatile low trs. In fact I use it in DIFFERENT styles of music (rock, jazz, funk, etc..), And still sounds as well. The sound does ingnieurs me say also that good!
APRS have various MODELS really try, from Warwick through the Fender Ibanez, Vigier Passion and Noguera, this bass really stand out!
Excellent quality-price opportunity, which is between 1100 and 1500 euros.
If s'tait again, I would choose again without hsiter!