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buz.hc 07/19/2006

Westone Rail Bass : buz.hc's user review


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Low-type low "stick"
24 round boxes
the pitch is a little shorter than a standard low (about 820mm against 864 for the standard)
a single microphone that slides on two Barrie Metals
a volume control, no tonalitbr /> the principle is nice


The handle is enjoyable to play, we have good access to acute, but the sensation is curious. If allowed to play without looking at his hands the handle, you get fast trs 2 or 3 squares higher than what we think from a low standard.
it is not very well balanced. when seated, must handle the microphone or cot to fit well, and yours when you strap in, it tends to bite the head (it has no elsewhere).
when the sound is bland. Despite the principle of a single microphone and place it or you will, the result is not obvious.
sustain is almost non-existent (at the same time, to be expected with so little matter).
The most disappointing, with this ergonomic, that's slapper, especially last pinch, since there is no body has the location where you pinch, the finger tends to leave too far and suddenly, It wraps around the rope too, but it's a good shot to be taken.


The sound is very bland, but perhaps with a good mic ... you never know


Apart from the handle that is enjoyable to play, I doubt we see in many of scne.
the thing that I really like is its look and is a low outstanding I'm glad as "artwork" so to speak, but if you are looking for a bass that sounds and that is practical play, so this bass is not for you.