Yamaha RBX374
Yamaha RBX374

RBX374, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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antoinecascador 10/03/2005

Yamaha RBX374 : antoinecascador's user review


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Made in China
24 frets, humbucker pickups, active bass
rglages volume + balance / treble / bass notched half way
handle end, an easy play for beginners

BMOL one: the knobs are too t prs body mounts so they rub against this one ... and must DGain cl Allen LA we did not!


Channel enjoyable, though it slips, 24th fret easy reach.
good ergonomics, with or without the bass strap is balance. Average weight.
The rglages are effective. It is rather easy to get a good sound, both in the game (game specific) that rglages. It's not a bass "technique" which would require the exprience that I did not.


I play the dub / funk / rock, active bass versatile. I use a behringer 60.

her round and perfect for the deaf dub, his incisive mtallique for rock between the two for the funk. Boss with a gain pulse. Sometimes the amp saturated with sound too serious, hop a shot and it rgl knob.


J'ultilise this low for three weeks in intensive as sick ... my teacher got cops with my purchase. I also confirm drummer sound on pc and scratches around the fire ... The bass was a long-standing project.

Before I had the acqurir jou divrerses on low (I t intern in a music store), plus a fender fretless Jazzbass dernirement (a tourist).

Report quality price: the best. much better than a passive cort 210 (I bought 280).

the BMOL: assembly review for knobs, nice 3d head but a little knock on the top. control in gray, horrible 60's style, immediately change against a black. good will I return, thank you Yamaha.