Yamaha RBX374
Yamaha RBX374

RBX374, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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tiouptioup 06/30/2005

Yamaha RBX374 : tiouptioup's user review


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Low-think in Japan and in China fabrisue
-2 Humbuckers active food by a 9 volt battery supplied


Trs trs trs-round pleasant as usual Yamaha, impeccable violin better than other low-price equivalent, it is just too too good
Access to acute-nickel
Ergonomics, and the big plus is the notch at the top of each humbucker quii can put your thumb and it is simply gnial!
Everything we can play with this bass has a beautiful compared to the ibanez, squier equivalent price! (C finally ... I think if you have less than 300 euros a low is put in it for you because it is really gniale


I use it in home studio in RPET, and the house just for fun and really I play everything from jazz to funk through the 70s rock, grunge is just ... rglages change the pots and hop on a musical exchange with a sound ...
Amp-not because no place but I use the behringer v amp bass of (small multi purpose multiampli basspod style) and I just say that x every time I play it the slap. dsl if I RPET but it really is for me the bass of references from less than 300 euros
We play everything goes well with a bold ultraprofond in ultra clear lens
-I prfre between the two miclair-migrants but (pots in the middle) but when I allow myself small changes rglages I always won


I have used it for one month and it is really tiptop not need to slam the thousand and one hundred because it really is a use for gniale to confirm and bassist who wants to live.
+ It: the sound, the price (244 euros Thomann), the violin yamaha, the handle
le-I see no
"I had tried squier jazz bass and precision, the whale, and the ibanez yapafoto is well above the rest.
-The price for that given the low quality of manufacture is more than yamaha c 1 Competitive real bomb. squier should take example because of low sell as much as small-sounding to cum c young people can not afford the originals.
This choice I do not regret a single second, run to buy it because it sounds the fire of God!