Boss GT-10
Boss GT-10

GT-10, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

tonmazz 08/04/2012

Boss GT-10 : tonmazz's user review

« Boss GT-10 - A Gigging Musicians best friend »

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The Boss GT-10 Multi-effects unit has just about every effect a gigging musician will need. Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Harmonist,Advanced Amp modeling and much, much more. Boss uses a new technology they call COSM or Composite Object Sound Modeling. While the average guy doesn't have to know what that is exactly, it equates the best sounding Boss multi effects unit to date. The GT-10 is equipt with USB capability, Parralel Effects chain, MIDI capability, and a digital out making recording a snap. It also comes with an expression pedal for various functions including wah, channel blending, pitch bends, and more.


Having been through several BOSS muti-effects units in the past including the GT-8 which was incredibly hard to figure out, the GT-10 is light years ahead as far as ease-of-use. I had it producing great sounds in ten minutes with the EZ Tone function. It took me ten minutes in the past to know the GT-8 was way too complicated and was going back to the store. It also took ten minutes to know the GT-10 was the perfect unit for me and was never going back. The menus are intuative enough for the average guy to understand and manipulate. When I did get stuck, the users manual was clear and concise enough to help me figure it out.


The sound quality is fantastic and works perfect through the effects loop on my guitar amplifier. The level control in an easy to access place on the top allows me to blend my volume by foot while on stage to match the loop level. In some cases the GT-10 produces such great tones, I will volume the unit up to allow its tone to dominate my amplifier's core tone.


Overall the GT-10 is the gigging musician's best friend. I now have two because I can't imagine going on stage without it. I love its ease of use and the fact that it can do just about anything I need it to in the context of a cover band playing many styles and types of music. The phrase looper is a great feature and is a great way to lay down a simple rythem and practice over it. Some people complain they need stomp boxes as the quality of a multi-effects unit usually falls short. Those players may not have tried the GT-10. The sound quality is unmatched by any unit I have owned or tried in the past. It has also been extremely road worthy and I have had no problems. If I had to find one thing that would be an improvement, it might be an extra long power chord for those places where power is tough to get to. All in all the GT-10 is a great choice and well worth the price!