Boss GT-10
Boss GT-10

GT-10, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

Audiofanzine FR 12/05/2008

Boss GT-10 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Resty/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Effects provided: virtually every effect. Connections: comprehensive. Editable: yes, see Roland's website and test it... 10/10.


Quite simple. Clear user's manual. 8/10.


Excellent sound (but not so good as a Rocktron Prophesy). Excellent clean sound. Big heavy metal distortion. Good factory presets but you can get better results if you edit all parameters yourself. You can add other effect devices. Very important: play with a good amp. With a 100-watt Fender or Peavey you get a killer sound. I don't like the sound with a 35-watt Marshall. It's normal, Marshall amps are not made for heavy metal freaks. 9/10.


Cons: Weight! Size (width). If Boss develops a multi-effect footboard with the same sound quality but half as heavy and wide, I'll give them an award. 8/10 because it's too heavy, too wide and a bit too expensive.