Boss GT-3
Boss GT-3

GT-3, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

MGR/MT 04/10/2002

Boss GT-3 : MGR/MT's user review

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$300 (I think - might have been $250) ebay

It does basically everything. I'm submitting a review because the other reviewer annoyed me so much by panning it just because it does too much for him to easily understand.

The effects are great overall - it's like having a whole bucketload of boss effects in one pedal. The amp sims are pretty good as well I think. I use it to play live and for direct recording.

The amp sims might not be quite as good as the POD in some instances, but the effect are a billion times better and more comprehensive, and there are 140 user presets (+ 200 unchangeable presets)

They are a little behind by not including any software with the unit to do editing of effects. There are shareware programs available (windows only, unfortunately), and you might be able to use sound diver, but they should join the 21st century on this.

It could be smaller/lighter (but the GT-6 is even bigger, so I guess I should be happy).

Some of the included presets are pretty cheesy (most use too much reverb, IMHO), but isn't that always the way... you've still got 140 of your own to do whatever you want with.

I think you could drive a car over it and it would be OK.

The GT-3 is a great piece of equipment. It does a whole lot for the money, and you should be able to find it even cheaper now that the GT-6 is out.

I have been very happy with it and I have only scratched the surface. There is a great user group at and they have developed all kinds of additional documentation and are active in discussing the product and helping people out who are interested in learning more or buying one.

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