Boss GT-5
Boss GT-5

GT-5, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

narwutus84 03/02/2005

Boss GT-5 : narwutus84's user review


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The full effects yen as they are told .. t dja
the effects are editable in manual or parch in branchan on pc


The configuration is repulsive for a beginner once masi quon the little hand is to do everything
we just put in the order in effect means that as lon with lots of pedals


The effects are trs good, you have to like my boss jadore!
we have all the pedals, the metal zone, OD1 ds1 flanger, boss what all nosie gate! foot total!


Buy cheap trs dokaz not too long ago a case okaz c I find it better now that the gt-6 distortion are beaucouop mieu!
just be there as the new GT-8 is masi mieu the price is something else!
quality price ratio 10/10
Photo c is not at all good for those who know orgy, the scratch is using this pedal, unless quil is chang c trs good stuff that costs to the skin of the ass!