Boss GT-5
Boss GT-5

GT-5, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

MGR/PJ 08/26/2003

Boss GT-5 : MGR/PJ's user review

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I got my boss GT-5 in thoma okaze, down in Ghent (Belgium). I was looking for a multi effect processor and this one was a second handed one for only €325.

Well if you have the right combination you can have the most clean sounds ever, without any zooming on the background. The offering of pre-programmed sounds is huge and a lot of fun. You can have everything from a funky sound to the perfect imitation of a Marshall 1959 head with a slight OD. I really like those old rock overdrives and distortions and there are a lot of them too! You won't have to worry the sounds won't fit you, there will some you don't like, but most are very decent.
It also has a very nice tuner. You can find almost every function of the little pedals packed and stacked in this one.

Well sometimes the thing jams (very rarely though) and i haven't figured out yet why
Also when you buy this kind of thing second handed, please ask if they still have the manual, or else it won't be easy.

I think every pedal that boss had ever made is very solid, you can't even break the 'lil ones and especially not the GT-5

If you like effects and freaky sounds, this one has got it all, also for the old rock 'n rollers : the "Jimmy Hendrix" sound and the "Beatle" sound is on it too.

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