Boss GT-5
Boss GT-5

GT-5, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

Judas 02/06/2003

Boss GT-5 : Judas's user review


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Pdalier floor with expression pedals intgre. Many effects (feedback, compressor, simulators and speaker amplifiers, distos, chorus, flanger .... in short the total). Possibility to connect to the south of pc for transfers (in sense 2). Very practical to store a large number of rglages download on internet or CRER a backup presets without breaking the head.


Simple enough rgler (there are for each pRSET effects, and helps in the beginning). however, is more tedious to look for his trs prcis (some rglages range from a value of 0 in 1800, and can increase only incremented by 1, which is quite tiring). But the manual is clear trs, and is responsible for many of the effects of each dcrire rglage on his gnral. A good point!


My guitar is a Cort X2 (who said that the guitars sounded bad balls in 2000? The comfort of the game is certainly less than the guitars more expensive, but it is well dj trs), and I place in a rack amp (Marshall 8008) and a Hiwatt 4x12 cabinet (SE4123). The amp simulations ragissent like real amps: turning down the volume knob, you get crunchy sounds wish (Hendrix, SRV ...). But Fast Fashion distos of the most violent possible, even if the saturation trs trs modern savages are Submitted, but there are ways to approach it without flinching. The only weak point is that the sound with headphones trs fuzzy (but it is not intended for use headphones). The distos sound good, but I see myself all the time forced HP to enable the simulator, otherwise the sound quickly becomes dirty trs. I told him just adding a V-amp 2 for simulation models, and it is a duo from hell. A good place also for the chain of effects, where one can manipulate the order of desire in the effects loop. Once you know how to use, you can have the sound which rve.


I use it for 1 year dj and I test many pdaliers rcents (Boss GT6, GNX3 ...) and it does not weaken. The Wha wha trsraliste has a grain, and only the type of distortions mtal have a quality of its limit. For nothing wrong against its clean. a Russianness!