Boss GT-8
Boss GT-8

GT-8, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

Hugues_60 10/24/2005

Boss GT-8 : Hugues_60's user review


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View previous ones to notice the effects list
Technology-All numrique (and you can hear a bit ...)
All effects are ditables and the number of paramtres in effect is reasonable.
No publisher via PC / MAC.
Complte trs connectors (including digital out)


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?

For someone who adj manipulated this kind of product ... no problem for others it is certainly longer handle.

- The edition of sounds and effects is it easy?
Average from 5 10 paramtres effect by

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Manual in French (in Ef Cen ... ..) correctly translated. 95 pages is a good beginners but clearly insufficient, no example of rglage just the numration of paramtres brive said.
Just a page for the handling of the chain effect ... it's just


- Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?

The chain effect by default is:

FX1 (a fact out of 22 available)
CS (Compressor)
Wah ()
LP (LOOP effect send / return)
OD (a distortion effect from 30 + 3 custom)
PRE (up from 46 preamp 2 + 3 custom)
EQ (4 band Equaliser 1)
NS (Noise Suppressor)
FV (Foot / pedals) volume
FX2 (an effect from 22 (the same as fx1) or one among 11 other effects SPECIFICATIONS fx2)
DD (Delay - excellent)
EC (chorus)
RV (Reverb - Excellent)

So if the LOOP enlve FV and it's been more than 11 "effects" Whereas in the preamps as effects. FX3 and FX4 for the GT16 can be.

The list of effects is pltorique FX1 and FX2 (33 total), not all are worthy of interest (Harmonist Synth, Octave, sitar sounding trs GT5)
The acoustic simulator does not convince me at all.

For the rest:
The clean sounds are disont it, and my surprise really good (much better than my pod2). Some patches from the factory with two preamp with dual L / R, a bit of delay, comp and chorus, it jourrait all night.

Crunch sounds, no effect is medium / correct on the single coils in position 2 and 4

The distorted sounds, the patch of the plant are ultra dmonstratif and the level of drive always trs (too) lev therefore Premire approach when I compare my example it is POD2 first surprised and not necessarily in the right direction. From my point of view the cosmetic is not the height of line6.
No effect, in accordance with the game it works well, alone is less convincing than the pod2. The definition / precision is lower, ca drooling a little, as its generally more granular view nasal.

Now, we must recognize that with 2 preamp with dual L / R and a little effect is compensated for easily and quickly obtained a trs trs trs big sound, but not necessarily Fidler.
One wonders also be the reason for the distortion pedals 30 when you put a left and a 5150 Correct right. Fans of death metal, trash and other find their account ...

INTERESTED also the possibility to disable compltement preamp section, which allowed me to send in the GT8 POD2 bnficier for its effects (which are really beyond compare them with those of pod2) and is the best of both worlds for heavy distortion intermdaires.

Jou a MusicMan LUKE 2

Listen with headphones audio technica ATH/M40 'parliaments for analysis without outside


I use it for a week

Cons: not in acoustic simulator
synth effect and other effects of piping that clutters

ways: the channels crunch / overdrive effect that no rendering is too dry

most: definitely double preamp
Delay, comp, chorus reverb, eq efficient trs
clean sounds

The report quality is still excellent price is 420 + 4 pedals power supply

If I win the lottery, I do not have that choice would do in the meantime we will work the patch ...
It remains even when a sacrebte racing ...