Boss ME-50
Boss ME-50

ME-50, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

lukewarmchilipepper 07/03/2014

Boss ME-50 : lukewarmchilipepper's user review

« Get a lot for a little for OK quality »

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I bought this effects pedal long ago as I was on a budget and wanted a Wah, chorus, phaser, distortion, and pretty much everything in one box just to test out and experiment without breaking the bank.

I'm not a techie so I won't even try and explain the details. You can check out some of the other reviews for that.


General configuration/setup is simple enough. I'm someone that avoids reading manuals when possible, whether it's to learn how to use an effects pedal or how to play Monopoly. With that in mind, I was still able to get a lot out of this pedal.


I used my telecaster with it. I loved the fact that I was able to use an octaver, wah, harmony, etc with the expressive pedal along with a ton of other effects, but that I did so without paying much at all.

However, I will say many of the effects lacked in quality (which was to be expected). i.e. the coveted wah sounds nothing like a crybaby


Loved the price, loved all the capabilities, probably would've loved it more if I took the time needed to truly learn how to use all capabilities, but did not love the quality so much. However, for higher quality I'd expect to spend upwards of $400. All-in-all a good multieffects pedal for a beginner/intermediate musician.