Boss ME-50
Boss ME-50

ME-50, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

muz12 09/29/2005

Boss ME-50 : muz12's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The effects have Describes t enough, my favorite effects (I'm currently shooting on Muse, Nirvana, RATM, Audioslave) are distos (great crunch to mtal through a good distortion grunge), the chorus / flanger / phaser / Harmonist / tremolo and qq delays as it takes ... all this is trs good quality, they have the strong! (Note also the reverb, and equalization of prslction) So no complaints, the simulation of Boss pedals and even other brands of multi currency effect "classic" and me it was really what I needed. When was the expression pedals is the icing on the cake, there is no OK 2 octaves + / - but merely an octave! The particulirement wha is effective, and 2 / 3 more funs effects I use are less fun depending on the combination effect Previous. The connection is trs complte, possibility to connect 2 amps (and the effects we tournament), playing without a headset amplifier, to add a footswitch pr foot control effects are done by hand (compressor reverb ...). In short all of such quality MRIT out a 10 in me and my use.


The manual comes with is very practical and concise. The configuration is as simple as those of the other Boss pedals, you just have to choose which uses heads among those proposed. The edition of sounds in October 1st bank of three sounds (read 30 records available) me more than enough. There is a blank between changes, but to return to the problem before cit, it is not teacher, and when necessary to pass a clean its saturated (grunge or otherwise) without cuts, the mode Manual (off sounds prenregistrs) catches up with the IMMEDIATE problem. 9 for the simple compromise, but that could be seen.


I use a Yamaha guitar lctrique of quality, and personally I am happy, the whole range of sounds available to me I DSIR, in short I love almost all the sounds of this multi Indeed, this is exactly what suits me, and I think it can be for other people. I feel like I never finished the discovering and trs is well! Sometimes a simple change leads to new horizons (eg after forgetting to remove the delay and distortion by running I found a sound I never left)


I use it for six months, I love the simplicity of use, the robustness of the BTE, the expression pedals, and the cot simulator pedals, because the simulators amp multi effects typical of me, so as to pay less by not having this feature and gain in quality effect (can be trusted for a Boss AC). In short, the price quality ratio is excellent, comparing the nine that cost me 285 to the price of a good thirty Boss pedals, (not to mention the other brand, the expression) the calculation is fast! I would do without hsiter this choice because it is what I needed, but I understand that some are due in any dpend of what we want to make ... try, if you hang, and DCID rflchissez you!