Boss ME-50
Boss ME-50

ME-50, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

wan-cc 08/28/2005

Boss ME-50 : wan-cc's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Most of the effects and one finds the quality Boss (for those who like), including reverbs, chorus, delays.
This ct l: say anything, it's good!
In addition to the pdalier really tough and with a great look!
Boss would still even able to change the pedals over bank (option added)
The tuner is great (when I think before I unplug my guitar every time !...)


Here is a corse ...
I took a multi effect for arrter to take my head and settle things ME 50 owes me on this.
Let me explain.
While it is trs "Tripper" to hack, to search for sounds, to spend time mixing DIFFERENT effects and put them into memory.
Use're super simple, the edition as well as memory management.
The thing annoying is when one wants to "change one's mmorisquot;: when, tell you to change it, it is impossible to know how" done "your sound" (chosen and what effect what levels).
So it must tweak again (even if only to edit a volume, or type of distortion for example) because neither the guts nor the knobs do not tell you what you have in this rgl her!
It has something to know will happen to you because like me you believe set the "super-son-to-kill" you, quiet, but once rept, you realize that must modify paramtres ... You and your palms!


Even when the effects are super effective.
I played on a Samick (type tlcaster) and Marshall MG 100 DFX.
I use a lot of rverb and sustain the distos (crunch, lead) and the chorus.
I am less a fan of delays (which are nevertheless good trs)
ATTENTION: there are many "poor whites" changing sounds, make it clear (do not be fooled by those who say they have not heard)
It's not too boring overall, according to what we played (OK to rock, jazz, fusion ... not so good for grunge, for example ...)


I use it for 10 months
I think if my group is running well, I shall soon change when even I would look for the same type of multi purpose but with a catch of more complete edition, including allowing her to know how each is set to make changes without taking the head. And why not nominate her ... and have more sounds in memory.
I tried the Korg 1500 that seemed less solid the era. I may be my opinion on this rviser CRITERIA (which is not the most important in the end). Most recent internship or wait out in Boss, to see if they amlior these points.
Still, the report QualitPrix is ​​good (I got it used, almost new, 200 Euros)
It's good for beginners ... but a guy who wants to "really" pauffiner its sounds may soon be lost in the changes rglages.