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jessy_c_dead 03/02/2005

DigiTech GNX1 : jessy_c_dead's user review


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So jy not know much either, but:

editable via a PC MIDI (or mac) but never test!
jack or MIDI connectors


Configuration genral baaaaah must consider it a lil time when even well before eh master

same edition, otherwise it is set sy not come alone! : S

very manual way for that ny connaisent little in multi-effects (which I respect the party) so I have not used for several me!

different pedals not worth a multi-effects ... (It's still my opinion) the sound is not as clean, still further back with effects pedals ...

but hey it's nice anyway
but I find I use a different m serves as pramp to pass on the PC with a microphone;)


The effects are deadly that's for sure! but after I can not switch from one to another quite easily

used with a guitar, at the beginning of a transistor amp and it was really not that great! then a lamp, ca went better already

while the effects are spot on!

then 10 for 6 to its effects (a less mess and it must sound good) so we will put 8 c, but really for the effects!


I've since its release so it's been a few years
It's too complicated for me I went on basic pedals, I have not much effect, but diversity in sound and decision-heads are not photographs!

It was my first multi-effects (and probably my last! but it's not my thing, there are those who love ...)
the RAPORT qualitprix is ​​normal, for if you're against a little motivation to look good with her, to get really interesting OCCAZ ca!

So with the experience I would do not have that choice but I just Pacek idea about that it was not my thing ... but try with other multi effects has some friends that is is one of the better (except the most recent multi-effects I've never had to walk)

and colleagues such as below the offset between the effects very annoying!