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Julcul 01/13/2005

DigiTech GNX1 : Julcul's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I know nothing ...


With a good explanation of a good salesman, a few exceptions prs for 2 or 3 things a bit more complex, in 5 minutes you know how rgler a good clear sound, good distortion, and how all rgler Your main effects. Chorus, flanger, delay, wha wha, whammy (trs of good quality), phaser, Pitchshifter, tremolo, ...

In short, very easy to use. Just that the manual will be a little less clear that a good salesman.


The effects are of high quality with trs trs its pure, trs close pedals origins. See even better ...
A lot of rglages by gnral effect, except some who have only 3 or 4 potentiomtres.


Trs good report quality price, but it is better to take the GNX3 which offers many more benefits as time recorder rels, to sample the second guitar, or record his solo rhythm, or ...

The only real default is a default standard Ralite made me sell my GNX1:

- The cut of his norm when changing the switch. Live or in repeat, it is unforgivable. Having a white about 1 / 3 of a second between each switch is atrocious!

- And also the fact that it lacks a switch to change its bank. (Rsolu problem with GNX2 GNX3 or I do not know)

If this default does not impede, the dark and Achte!