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@lx 12/23/2004

DigiTech GNX3 : @lx's user review


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Multi-effect with amp modeling and speaker with expression pedal editable and 8-track recorder and drum machine to replace the drummer who is still absent. What a bomb!


This is not the simplest of multi-effects at first but then when you know it's going super fast to create a sound:
we chose an amplifier and a speaker is not even the first mixed with another amp and one speaker (c WARP mode but ca not use a little).
Then we add effects if you want and happiness so c c easy. there is a table or index and c the best that each has an associated preset knob. Just turn it and c it!


Sounds very good if we Cumulative performance too much because the AC is a bit synthetic, especially if you have a transistor amp.
All the effects are amazing especially the compressor and gate!
There is also a whammy that sounds anything.
Wah-wah, chorus, reverb, equalizer, etc. ...
Everything sounds!


I bought it there one and a half years and I played as a soloist in a hard rock band. I was looking for a multi effect with good distortion because I had to zoom épopque 4040 that I associated with a pedal marshall distortion of the result but I was happy that I went on stage in the light reverb and delay distortion was juggling périlleux.G hesitated a Boss GT-6 c, but the 8-track recorder that I believe. Indeed on stage I used to run a sequence pre-register at home as a sampler without spending the price of a sampler!
Now I play in a pop band and I separated because it sounds to be a fo tube amp and a guitar character. If you are solo or you made the hard-rock DARK!