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Roberto SongPop 11/08/2005

DigiTech GNX4 : Roberto SongPop's user review


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Modlisation ditable amp (+), quality (-) connectivity complte!
Format pdalier (Attention has taken the dusts, under the feet!)


- Easy to use the first level.
- A good week of work, level + advanced & function complte use.
- Edition complte.

Ax manual "versatility" is tural, but with "omissions" (volunteers?) Registration limit: The machine can not save in the middle of the song:
It's back of the beginning of the song. Waste of time standard for a workstation!
It is not clear in the manual. The firmware is goodbye (v1.3)!


Effect and, in gnral a little "cheap", and much less trs aig big sound
the Boss GT-6 is a multi-effect pdalier which only has, but better.
Used with electric guitars (types Fender, Gibson, of quality (Godin LGX-SA, Charvel), electro-acoustic (Takamine EN10) & Electric Bass
+ Micro electro-static Behringer B2 Pro Studio.

The simulations are - compelling than the Boss GT-6 (I have one ...)
The sound is trs "ciselquot; (pjoratif, but objective ...)

The bass does not go into the mix, with Mollise. Through a Sansamp, c OK.
The voice goes well with a few presets.


10 days to use search.

Here's 10 days I tested the ultra-versatile pdalier on paper:
I try to give my impression objectively. I am 47 years and a lot of exprience
in this type of studio equipment, pedals, recording, ...
Many ATUT, but according to the famous proverb: "You get what you pay for ..."

For 480, we have a pdalier effect / modlisation fairly average,
- An 8-track recorder numrique but brid (see + below)
- Orders to toe! (Super !!!), an interface (surface CONTRL)
USB Audio / Midi works ... with no more bugs (when same-)
- A bote rhythms practice, but not duly (sounds blah ...)
- Software boring (like Cakewalk, Cubase SX trs away!)
But when same-usable and DDIS and optimized for the device.
- A JamMan Looper (Super!) Overdub & One Man Show, trs sympa!
- Finally, it does everything, but not all good!

But I do not regret my purchase, despite the "propaganda" east of Digitech.
As well s versatility has a price ...