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slow_pulse_boy 01/04/2005

DigiTech RP12 : slow_pulse_boy's user review


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Analog effects: Compressor, OD / Disto, 4-band EQ paramtrique, noise gate, amp simulator.
Effects numriques: 40 algorithms including modulation, pitch shifters, delays, reverbs, panners, Duckers and graphic EQ.
The interface is composed of an LCD display and various buttons to navigate through custom settings (not in or not via shortcut).
12 pedals on 2 floors to navigate in the sound banks, to switch individual effects of its current or bypass the pdalier; can also accder a tuner that makes the instrument during the silent 'opration finally, an expression pedals available.

Connector: 1 input jack, two output, one headphone jack, a MIDI IN, 1 MIDI OUT / THRU.


The manual is available in English and in French, which allows both quickly understand what it is about, and bypass = increasing problem of translation-betrayal.
You can choose to stay in the basic paramtrage effects or to intervene at an end trs as mixers are inserted between the effects, allowing chanages in SERIES in parallle , in mono, Stereo, and can also compltement Sauvager its rglages machiavlique seeking a combination of all a.
The expression pedals can be assigned many paramtres out of the expression (for the whammy and wah-wah) or volume.
Each of the pedals can be assigned pdalier anything other than its basic function. For example, if you do not have reverb or pitch shifter on your sound, you can assign fixed values ​​of paramtres (the central frquence an equalizer Settings, the gain of the distortion, the feedback of a flanger).

In short, the possibility of changing the configuration is standard, but did do a lot of manipulations, must know what you want ...


It is a pdalier guitar and I use it mainly with a low, so everything is not perfect. The best fawn to realize is to try to give the MI: the tuner loses compltement downs ...
- The pitch shifter trs prcis
- The 4 EQ paramtriques
- The possibility of quilibrage volume sounds (clean / drive level, master volume, mixers)

- The compressor that lacks finesse rglage (an adjustable volume of 1 7 is really too little)
- Which certainly grazed detune the sound, but the power dtriment
- Too low in some algorithms can (the gate reverb and graphic equalizer can not be coupled with another effect numrique, moral I never use it)
- The fact that the effects are individual switches on the deuxime range of pedals (you can change it but it's really a job)


I bought it in 1999 because I had just enough time to lose my factory install and uninstall base pedals, heard a blast and can not have me down between two pieces rglages change. Pdalier with this, I assign each song a sound is IDAL as for research and for the live sound.
The device n'tait not given the era (4800F), but remains an economic solution over the purchase of a rack and a pdalier control.