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lemaireno 08/13/2004

DigiTech RP12 : lemaireno's user review


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You can Tlcharger the user manual on the RP12 Digitech website at:

apply effects on a frequency band of 20Hz 20kHz complte
signal processing in 24 bits, internal transmission of give in 48-bit
Stereo Effects
Analog Compressor
3 Distortion: Overdrive - Heavy Sustain - Grunge
3 EQ: 10 band graphic - 4 paramterique bands with adjustable length - 10 amp models with 3 hot pregnant mediums 3 3 1 super bright Sir optimizes all frequencies
3 reverb: the quality of Big studio, specially the multi effects, reverb Gated professional.
5 Delay & sampler is a 1 to 2 or 4 repetitions - a digital STREO delay - a delay with a pitch module and 1.5 second for each loop sampler has programmable start playing.
8 Pitches with pitch shift - smooth pitch - Harmony - detune in mono - mono dual detune - whammy - smooth whammy - arpeggiator
10 modules mono chorus - dual chorus - phase 4 chorus - mono flanger - dual flanger - mono phaser - dual phaser - mono tremolo - stereo tremolo - auto panner.
3 mixers effects mono - 6 stereo mixers - mixers and other SPECIFICATIONS
A noise gate to push the volume, a stereo Ducker, a phase inverter, and a vintage one WahWah WahWah automatic.
Control pedal effects intgre
MIDI intgrbr /> table of transmission and reception MIDI intgre
And control of effects parameters in real time via MIDI
100% automatic chromatic tuner ....


25 banks of 5 programs 100% customizable with 36 effects algorithms in memory ... What's more, everything is there. It takes a little getting used to what is normal given the number of effects, but we do it quickly in the game trs
A pedal "all in one" as the RP12 totally convinced me to sell all my effects pedals since all configs are selectable and especially over cable, batteries, power supply lying around or walking around from time to time ...


Used in home studio with an Ibanez JS1000 either live on a Hughes & Kettner Tube 50 is a table numrique Yamaha. Even in the effects loop on the amp is the top. Godin had a lot more before typ jazz funk rock that sounds big and yet grunge spent nickel. A sure to read the instructions and you will sound perfect. All effects are super prcis and even a little too in some cases but always end up getting the desired sound.
The Digitech's catalog is often a little too metallic or shiny, it is obvious that the pdalier out of the box with factory settings is a bit crude, but the record is clear and trs Technical Info gives all want in very little time.


Used for 7 years in home studio, the sound and really I prefer Digitech. I regret not having the means to buy a rack era of GSP because the function does not interest me cest pdalier rather for people who play in groups and move with their Matis. But really no regrets in sound.
Personally I want to stay with Digitech effects but rather in rack version.