Audiofanzine FR 12/08/2008

DigiTech RP150 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Resty/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
All effects are provided: distortion, reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, whammy... USB connector, stereo output, headphone output. External PSU included. Very easy to use: 10/10


Everything is thought out... Sound editing is easy. The user's manual could be clearer. But once you read it and try out all settings you'll understand how the unit works (even I did!): 9/10 because of the not-so-clear user's manual.


Delay, reverb, chorus and acoustic sounds are very good. Excellent sound with the adequate editing but it's much more difficult than with an effect pedal. This device offers you several effects for the price of a good noise gate. Good dynamic response. So I give it 9/10 but not 10 (I'm rating the ROCKTRON PHOPHESY).

It's another story when it comes to distortion. I play heavy metal and I'm looking for a METALLICA, NIGHTWISH, MEGADETH or FRIEDMANN sound. I don't like the distortion nor the amp simulations. No dynamics, no definition, muddy sound. It's not up to the level for playing metal. I connected a METAL ZONE MT2 before my RP150, played wit the settings and now the MT2 and the RP150 have been transformed into a GT10! I give it 8/10 because of the amp simulations and the distortion . But 10/10 with the MT2.


I've had it for about one month. It's easy to use. Light and effective. Beautiful clean sound. Very good distortion sound with my MT2. I already tested the GT10. It's heavy and expensive and it looks awful. But it always sounds awesome, even at high output levels. The RP150/MT2 combination produces the same sound quality but it's not as convenient as having a single footboard (the sound of each unit alone is only average). The MT2 alone produces a cold sound and the RP150 adds warmth to it. The MT2 adds a high-quality distortion sound to the RP150. 8/10 since you have to buy both.