MGR/shadows fall fucking rocks 03/30/2004

DigiTech RP200 : MGR/shadows fall fucking rocks's user review

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i got the rp 200 hundred for my birthday when i first started playing the guitar it was like a fucking dream. i had asked for a distortion pedal and dad said screw it ill get him the whole set i guess he paid around 140.

the rp 200 has so many different effects and its a very affordable price for a begginer. you can create your own particular sound something that says your name when people hear it you know your own unique sound or you can try to find the sounds of your favorite artists. it comes with a ryhtm button i guess you could call it and you can change the tempo of the beat which is fuckin awesome for improving your chops for you heavy metal fans im at 170 beats per minute now i know it isnt anything compared to slayers 210 but im workin on it.

it does have many features but, theres always a but, the distortion on it isnt as good where as if you bought a pedal specifically for distortion. same with whammy or wah sounds. and it takes a while to get used to switchin sounds the pedals are really close ill be really into a song and the lead will come up ill go to distortion and end up hittin both pedals at the same time and it goes to bypass so then i get pissed off cause i have to rewind when i was really in a flow.

ive had my unit for around i guess a year and a half now its pretty cool i use it all the time because it has the cool delays and swells and reverbs ive only had one problem with it and thats when the pedal always read that it was up so wahs were impossible but i sent it back and they fixed it and upgraded it all for a simple 10 dollar shpping and handling and a gruelling three week wait. but i really saw how much better distortion sounds coming straight from an amp which will be my next big investment marshalls baby fuck yeah.

for begginers this is very cool i use this so fucking much and now that im getting into the metal scene the beats have improved my chops immensly. this is a really cool gift. but for the more heavier shit like pantera, mettalica, slayer go buy a marshal amp thats your only hope bro. have fun with it if you choose to buy it its very affordable. make your own sounds dude thats what makes it fun be yourself come up with YOUR sound. stay cool and never stop playin.

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