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Seth_666 09/10/2005

DigiTech RP50 : Seth_666's user review


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Easy to use, the hick is the buttons.
I cared but over time the buttons rpondent 1 in 2 of the coup must be pressed hard on it and it becomes a self-destructive spiral lol
The adapter does not come with so little less (but considering the price it's understandable).


Pressing the two pedals at the same time to find the original sound of the guitar is not cool, but hey tell me can have a trs well rgler PDAL ddi e that ...


Chorus: Trs well
EQ: Bass Treble Chorus without
Simul. Amp: Ok for the price but hey it's not nanananananana gniale
Reverb: Trs well
Delay: Good
Noise Gate: Practically nonexistent
Compressor: Same
Wah Fun, Intrressant may have to find good sounds


OK OK OK for the price it's pretty good but I think if you want a good big sound palette, Avoid The series of RP.