MGR/Lauren 11/05/2005

DigiTech RP50 : MGR/Lauren's user review

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I have been playing guitar for five years in various garage bands and have played brass instruments for seven years. Currently I use an Ibanez GAX 70 as my throw around practice guitar because I like the agility of the neck, but for live shows and recording, I use an Epiphone Les Paul Classic (honey sunburst) which I love.
I like every style of music, but very electronic music with a lot of layers the best.

It was a Christmas present two years ago, but I think they paid about US$75 (although you can find it for a lot cheaper on

It has 40 preset effects that are excellent. Many of them dont even need to be messed with because there is such a range you can find whatever style you are looking for. Every setting can be tweaked, or even drastically changed, and saved on the pedal. There is fully adjustable built in drum machine with thirty or so beats that sounds a little electronic but can help you with your improvising and make sure your sticking to one tempo. I play brass too, and use it as a metronome by turning on the drum beat and either playing it though my amplifier, or hooking my headphones to the back up the unit. It is extrememly portable and I take it with me on trips as a private amplifier. You can hook speakers up to the output jack and use it as a little amp unit or you can get another cord and use it to directly record into your computer. It is a lot smaller and lighter than the RP100 series and its possibilities are endless. Good battery life and I have never had any problems with any of the jacks loosening. Extremely durable plastic. The built in tuner is awesome too.

The only drawbacks would be the way you go about adjusting the effects. It is not hard, but would be a lot easier if this model included the adjustment knobs that the RP100 had (I deal with it because the RP100 is soo much bigger).

Excellent. Durable plastic and hardware. Clear display screen with excellent visiblily even under stage lights. The unit is completely functional with one foot.

If you want an effects pedal(40 effects!) and portable private amp for under US$70 all that can be adjusted at your discretion, BUY THIS. Highly recommended.

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