MGR/Howard Staveley 06/20/2005

DigiTech RP50 : MGR/Howard Staveley's user review

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I bought this unit a while ago now.It was my first effects pedal, and so naturally, having nothing to compare it with, i found it great.

Once you get the hang of the system, it is incredibly easy to edit and store your own sounds. The digitech sounds are very good, these are the same effects found on the higher models that cost £800+, especially the reverbs and the delays, and the drives are good too. Really, because the sounds are so good, you could get away with never upgrading, but you wont listen to that.

There is a couple of silly blue stickers on the pedals, and like any sticker, they start wanting to jump off. However, I fixed this by melting them into the plastic, unconventional, but heartily satisfying.

Also after a while, one of the pedals started to become stiffer then the other, which was embarrassing when you wanted to change effect mid-song, and your band members turn round to see you frantically smashing the pedal repeatedly letting out a fierce war-cry. This probably didnt help much. I have had to open the pedal up and fix the problem twice, but I think its fixed now.

Otherwise very good, apart from the pedal/sticker problem. the pedal survived when a bed was put on top of it.

overall, this is one of the best pieces of electronics I've owned, some effects are better then on my new pedal, a zoom gfx8, and it totally changes the sound of your guitar, and the way you play, so i say, yay.

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