MGR/cyber_faust1 11/26/2003

DigiTech RP50 : MGR/cyber_faust1's user review

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I bought this pedal in a local Musician's Warehouse for $69, I wanted access to a variety of effects but had very limited money, so it seemed like the best choice for me at the time, lots of effects in one unit for a really good price.

I like the delay, you can layer it on any of the other effects. It has pretty good noise gate, ok amp modelling, good flange and phaser, an ok equalizer, and over-all good effect, especially considering the price.

There's not much I don't like about it, except maybe that you have limited distortion, you have to rely on the amp models for that part.

Very good, I think. It's never malfunctioned on me, once I thought it was, but it just turned out my batteries ran out. It's good and solid, you'd have to put a lot of effort into it if you wanted to break it, maybe throwing it off a building would do the trick.

Overall good pedal, the next step up is the same price as the RP50 when I bought it (several months ago), prices went down about $10 last time I checked, so I would recommend it.

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