MGR/Dungeon Master 02/15/2004

DigiTech RP7 : MGR/Dungeon Master's user review

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I needed some good effects but couldn't spend the money to go all out. I went to the local pawn shop, and because I have bought other items there, struck a deal for right around $100.00.

It has a lot of good presets that can start you off. It allows you to save patches, and try other paramiters out without loosing what you have. If you like it, you store it and you can move it where you want to put it so that you can store everything in your own order. It has a lot of good parameters, and the EQ Bands work well also so you can get it the way you want it.It has great echo effects that have multiple tape delay parameters, so you can get your echo just right too. The other effects are all awesome too and are your ussall array and all can be foot switched off and on. Theres not really much not to like about this unit it really handles it all once you get used to it. Oh I forgot it also has a 12 sec recorder so you can repeat that lead over and over on the play along mode, not to mention you can slow it down to I think its a 1/4 speed and in increments back up to full speed without loosing the tuning due to the slower speeds. Awesome! Last but not least the tuner is right on even tho it doesn't use a visual meter but works well in dark places, when the red lights turn green your in!! It was just what I wanted and more! Iv'e seen them used on E-bay, just remeber to upgrade the valve tube for about $10.00 and listen to this thing come alive LOL... Good Deal.... Personal experience I rate 8.5-9.0

When these things are new, there very expensive, making it hard for your average Joe to get one. By the time you find good used ones several years have gone by and the technology has moved up to something better. It leaves you wondering about what your missin now. LOL.. It needs its own pedal for By-pass and a power switch for off and on. Smoother gliding expression pedal would be nice that maybe took advantage of a couple of small loaded ball bearings that would help set the expression pedal in the desired place, without raising the cost..... Lastly more record time for play along. Getting cut short makes way to much work when your trying to get something down.

I feel that the constuction of the unit is just a little flimsy. I'm not a huge guy, but I am a little rough on stuff. The pedals need to be just slightly larger and just a little more spread out. But not by much. The expression pedal is way to flimsy and if you get one used it better be the first thing you tighten up. Crud will get in between your casing and the pedals and the micro-switches are not rugged enough. Be very careful here not to damage them and if you do your own maintenance on them, use quality contact cleaner. Be very patient. If the switch doesn't always co-operate, I've found that just one very small piece of electical tape increases the contact area from the pedal just enough to clear it up most of the time. If the flimsy window gets damaged where you view your selections, cut out the old one and use a piece of window tinting (heavy mil) to replace it. Use clear packing tape and tape from both sides. It works awesome.

It really is a great piece of equipment once you give it a chance. It really allows the user a lot of versitility. If it was just a little more rugged with better pedal action and stronger micro-switches it would really be great. It also has 2 outputs,(great for recording or running one to amp one to board) along with its own headphone jack that makes this thing universal. Like I stated previously a 8.5-9.0

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