DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

GSP2101 Artist, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from DigiTech in the GSP series.

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Lle-ibazar 12/04/2013

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist : Lle-ibazar's user review

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See specs.


It's really easy to use, you have direct access to the parameter groups via the buttons and you can edit the parameters with the wheel and cursor, it also has customizable memory presets.

Regarding the manual: I haven't had the need to read the manual because, once again, it is really easy to use (at least for what I do, which is take the presets and modify them to my taste). If you really need it, you can download it.


The effects are all right. Often a bit too exaggerated for my taste, but that's a subjective appreciation, obviously. Besides, I'm not a great electric (nor acoustic) guitar player. So my review isn't worth that much.

No noise, no whirring. In that sense it's impeccable.

Very solid housing, but not very portable (it's heavy and big). That said, the pedal is intended to be used onstage, which I have never done...


I've used it for two years, I got a very good deal secondhand, so, to me, its value for money is excellent, even if not representative.

I have tried many other models

Would I buy it again? Yes, for sure.

I must add something to my review: I'm not a true musician who practices intensively. So you'd better take my review with a pinch of salt.