Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain

Holy Stain, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

ddn 07/21/2012

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain : ddn's user review


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The notice below describes perfectly the craft, its possibilities and its defects ... Except that these defects are of great benefit for me!


It can hardly be simpler:
- A floor disto: clear / drive / fuzz (a kind of gain adjustment knob with three positions so) - I see no reason why he went to call the fuzz distortion and super fat slobbery good but it sounds really great for Me. The tone control knob with a 3-position color "bright / warm / dark" is very effective.
- A floor effect: two ultra-cavernous reverb, tremolo fun, excellent pitch a caricature.


All that said barh2_0 below is correct: the effects are étrangissimes and sound like nothing else, the bug is particularly difficult to master because the distortion stage sounds REALLY STRONGER when one engages drive / fuzz that plain making it necessary to lower the volume and it is not suitable for all uses.


I've had a year and a half. It is the basis of my guitar sound, to put it simply. His room reverb pushed forward in both my 600 champion gives my Jaguar sound from outer space that I love.

This is by far the best pedal I've owned it and my stereo memory man are the basis of my pedalboard and my sound in general.