Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain

Holy Stain, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

Septicaemia 02/01/2008

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain : Septicaemia's user review


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Multi Effects

Hall reverb
-Room reverb
Drive + a fuzz and a bonus!

selection by the foot switch 1bouton mode, a button for ON / OFF

Not possible to adjust the distance distortion.

The air box sturdy all steel and very stable.

Overall clean and prometeur ca!

no battery box, power is supplied, so far so good ...


The configuration is ... had ... This request is what are the buttons and Tone Amount, more beautiful than anything else to do it do not have much usefulness.

And color option is more shit than anything else, pure gadget.

but it's still easy to use.

Well as long as the effects are ok ... I put the top five because he could have put other people's buttons.


- It does not look like the Electro-Harmonix is ​​violent, hyper-color, Cracra.

-The reverbs are dgueulasse, they do not Intrets Submitted for the guitar (it is very far from a good old spring reverb) and even with the minimum sound level is super color, ca resonates and it cuts the sustain, if you have an amp it rots the bulbs his original post.

Pitch-shift unlike what one little thought does not double the sound of the guitar in half (like Pantera, one guitarist and yet we hear two guitars playing simultaneously) is not here to transform your action DO RE in one, what Intrets? absolutely no! Pure gadget! If not you play Faie false, adds nothing to the ca.

-The tremolo is catastrophic. Besides me when I jetend ca ca n'apelle not a tremolo but rather is mix tremolo / chorus / phaser, nothing to do with a tremolo!

The ditto now: hedge hedge hedge!

the fuzz like the drive is not adjustable either in gain or anything.

the fuzz has nothing but dextraordinaire sounds correctly, but it's still not a hendrix fuzz Fasson let alone EVH, very quelqu'onc.

the drive he has nothing in the belly, flat, dull, harmonic, where's the gain? Even the fuzz is more dinamic.

One of the worst pedals ever Marseilles, cot BOSS looks upscale.

Go 2 because it makes me really pitence.


I use it only for a very short time but I just ca! I regret very strongly my purchase.

the effects are not very interesting, a quality mdiocre, most of the tone knobs as, amount, color are vritable gadget gift it would be nice pass!

the distortion are catastrophic, we do not just settle!

I understand why this dsormait PDAL costs only 119 The brand has precisely on its brand image to sell, I do not see what you do with a few pedals like this! Noise, graboullion, or make them laugh with the pitch shift hotistes say that the fact of your guitar a guitar "caca boudin."

A shame! 1 ca the MRIT no more!