Ibanez Virtual Amp3
Ibanez Virtual Amp3
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PointG 09/14/2010

Ibanez Virtual Amp3 : PointG's user review


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Converting 16 bit PCM.
44.1kHz sampling frequency.
Input:-26dB to +7 dB / Output: 10 dB max.
Alim 300mA/9V by AC619 adapter provided.
24 editable presets: 12 sim. Amp
Input / sorites LR / headphone / Aux In
Integrated Tuner
3 pedals bank + 1 Up


The VA3 is not the gasworks!
Using the foot is nice.
The manual is pretty clear and the settings are intuitive!
Very quickly it adopts and editing sounds is fast and easy.
Matos very sturdy because it has not budged in 15 years!


Sounds correct that satisfy all users (at the time).
The sound palette is quite wide, without unnecessary effects, just the basics to create nice clean sounds, the other more "crunch", and even the good kind in the distal 80 '

Try it if you find one of OCCAZ you could just be surprised!


This is the first amp simulator that I bought around 1995.
Obviously, it has been better since.
Nevertheless, despite its PCM sounds (like the 80's synth)
Quality is stirring sounds especially clear.
The overdrive sounds, but still spend a little less metal sounds.
He served mainly to make "Balloch" lil cafes or concerts.
I do not regret that choice, he has been a longtime companion.

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