Ibanez Virtual Amp3
Ibanez Virtual Amp3
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PointG 09/14/2010

Ibanez Virtual Amp3 : PointG's user review

«  My first Multi-Effects »

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Crankset amp simulator.
Conversion 16 bit PCM.
Frquence chantillonage of 44.1kHz.
Input: -26dB + 7dB / Output: + 10dB maximum.
Power 300mA / 9V adapter provided by AC619.
24 editable presets: 12 sim. amp
Entrsorite LR / headphone / Aux In
Intgrbr Tuner /> 3 + 1 bank pedals Up


The VA3 is not factory gas!
Use the foot is pleasant.
The manual is pretty clear and intuitive rglages remain!
Very soon we adopt and the edition of sounds becomes faster and easier.
Matos very tough because it does not boug for 15 years!


Correct sounds that satisfy all users (of the era).
The sound palette is wide enough, without unnecessary effects, just the basics to create beautiful sounds clear, on the other more "crunch", and even the good distortion in the genre 80s'

Try it if you find one of Cygnus, you pouriez be amazed!


This is the first amp simulator that I bought around 1995.
Obviously, we did better since.
Only prevents despite its PCM sounds (like the 80's synths)
the quality is stirring especially clean sounds.
The overdrive sounds pass yet but a little less metal sounds.
It mostly served me to make "Ballochs" or lil cafes concerts.
I do not regret that choice, he does a longtime companion.