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Electro_Primate 10/23/2004

Korg Ax1000g : Electro_Primate's user review


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The effects are diviss into 5 parts:
-Drive-amp: 9 distos (classic, mtal, fuzz ...), a compressor and an acoustic simulation
-Cabinet: 11 amp simulations
-Modulation: 11 effects (two choruses, two phaser, flanger, tremolo, octave, auto-wah etc ...)
-Pedals: effects foot control, volume, vox wah, talk, ring modulator, pitch shifter etc. .....
-Atmosphere: 4 reverbs, two delays, two echoes and reverb + delay 3

The "+" very useful! : Mtronome tuner, possibility to record 8 seconds and put them in a loop, possibility to record (a from to in) 8 16 seconds (depending on mode) to slow down then what t enegistr to such a solo work too fast, noise gate

There are 36 "sounds" prenregistrs banks in 9 4 "sounds", and there 36banques free to use (is that clear? Lol)

Input jack
Two output jack as a mono output and one that seems to be srro (I never use personal)
A headphone mini jack format so no need adapter is very handy!
Between a "in the" mini jack for connecting a source collection outdoor style mini disc, cd player etc. ....

Nb: an on / off button would be welcome t!


It's simple hyper hyper!
Y has knobs "everywhere" so it's like on an amp!
Chanque party effects' drive amp, modulation ....) is selected by turning the knob adquate and each sound configuration, there 5potentiometres smaller, and those who are solicited according to the purpose, are a illuminate a small light cot so we know immediately where to turn to act on the sound.
And for distos, the buttons are "drive" "level" "treble" "middle" "bass" is simple
In addition each party effect is assigned a "button" (the same used to navigate through the sound banks) that is pushed to trigger the effect in question (for the pedals, the Action takes place at the pedals that is pressed hard to engage the effect in question)
The set is really very clear, we understand very quickly using the mess: p

To edit a sound? Easy!
After his last found according to the combination of effects, simply press the "write" is chosen which bank you want to put another pressure on "write" and basta! nomer and the preset, there is a button ajacent "rename"

The manual is clear enough, but between us, it will not be too useful except to the description of EFET

So for now almost a no-fault taken care of the price of the machine!


As against this may be where it all thickens a bit! ;)
Considering the price will not wait for the moon for sure!
Effects, some doubles are not necessary for my taste, two phaser, chorus two, yeah, one more than enough of each!
Flange, without a lot more, it lacks a bit of presence, especially in the light
Tremolo (sinusoid rounded) very musical, but not tip top low speed
Pitch Shifter, very nice! it must always have the use (it made me great service, for "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead for example)
The auto wah, blah .....
The octave, not bad, but a little too "explode" the amp, too low, mixing the right mix wet / dry
And two effects that "useless", the filter and the delay mod ....

Most of these effects are controlled in the "pedals", wah wah, pitch shifter, tremolo, chorus / flanger etc. ....
Perso j'aime bcp the sound of the wah wah, but it is very special and not pleasing in gnral bcp!

The reverbs are pretty good, the atmosphere are returned, in "hall" c very "spacial" (blunder to the dosage;)) and the method gives a cot room very intimate sound, I like it.
Overall c very classic two Dlay, a Stereo, and a ping pong, which means that the RPET is left then right etc ...
A very interesting echo, "echoplus" c simulation of analog echo which simulates the loss of dfintion sound with each repetition as if ct with the old tape delay

The amp models are perhaps the weakest part of the machine
Two or three are really usable in my opinion, the others having a really his stick.
They will be very useful especially in home studio, for live recording, or a headphone directly on the multi purpose

The strength of ax1000g I think is the distos!
They have a fucking potato! At that price impressive c!
However they proved somewhat progressive and unconvincing a low drive. Forget the crunch with it, even simulating lamps
C his thing the big distortion that hard!

Note: It will not be possible to use the same time a reverb (or delay) and the recorder of sentences, same thing between the effects of "modulation" and those foot control (logic due to the presence of a single processor for each "style" of sounds)
In the end my effects prfres:
Distos "Mtal dist" drive 8, 7-8 treble, middle bass 1-2 and 6-7 ca hard! The "brit stack" is terrible too!
Compression and simulation of acoustic guitar are really quick to forget the +!

Simulation of 3 amps are worth a look "Modern 4X12", "4X12 Vintage" and "Black 2X12 panel"
the rest, blah ....

Effects, my favorites are black phaser, tremolo (named Textreme) and pitch shifter

Pedals, I do not use never or almost, volume (essential) and wah wah sparingly

Ambience, room, hall, and especially especially surout ECHOPLUS is huge! Let ring the notes and at the same time turn the drive is huge! (Very interesting results with a feedback control)

Dtest my effects! (Especially the first two!)
acoustic simulation and compression tube od Filtron, Ring modulator ....


I use it for 3 years as repeating, that live and home studio (I think for that use all the same to me nab a Tonelab)
Most: Simplicity inexpensive, good distos, original effects (echoplus)
The -: effects duplicate the sounds of some leaves adsirer
The ratio Q / P is excellent in my opinion (bought the 1990F era)
The exprience with this choice I would do well because I doubt that concurrency can align with a Q / P the same!