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xThieumx 05/25/2006

Korg Ax1500g : xThieumx's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Dj Policy Forward.
Lots of good things, then, as in Jacques Martin I'll put 10.


Usage is extremely simple, the combination of the footswitches, pushbuttons and potentiometers well placs makes extremely intuitive machine!

Small bmols:
-there is only one footswitch to change the effect bank, so to return prcdente the bank, you need a raliser dlicate maneuver with legs by pressing two footswitches both ... ce'st take a shot.

-I RALIS after a year (!) That the expression pedal had a push button on / off the end of the race. I have taken time to see him because you have to push hard (all my body weight) ... but by removing a small rubber under the pedal has become more ais!

-L'cran, Illegible in the sun and on stage when the lightings are red, but it is the lot of most multi-effects with display.

-The Manual 3-4 pages is very clear.


The effects are very nice, varis, and some presets are the evocative name dmentiels, I think especially one that does not rebuke the sound of U2 but modlise with incredible efficiency the clear sound of Metallica.

Distos are a bit soft compared to the Digitech and Boss distos, but I find warmest.

The amp simulations are only simulations but to play directly to the headphone they perfectly fulfill their role.

The pitch shifter is so so with a time of excessive latency.

The loop programmer is a rgal for music crtion.


I've since its release, the era c'tait the best quality-price ratio.
I like its simplicity and its quality-price ratio.