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MGR/ZG 06/19/2004

Korg Ax1500g : MGR/ZG's user review

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Local non-chain music store, $425.00 canadian

This unit is absolutely awesome for use in a home studio! DI it sounds incredible. Between the drive & cabinet selections/combos and the fact that you have to option of setting up the gain for A/B switching (which puts it WAY above other units, that alone makes it invaluable. It basically allows you to create your own 2-channel amp. Then you can add a mod, pedal, and reverb/delay FX. All the FX and sounds I found were of very good quality. It will never get replaced. If it breaks (which I doubt it will, very tough construction) it's getting fixed! Oh yah, and when you create your own 2-channel amp, you can save it in one of like, 30+ memory slots! So cool.

Uh...well...If it were free it would be better. But other than that, there is nothing I don't like.

Top quality.

I couldn't function without it at this point. My studio has evolved around this unit.

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